Assets Transferred Prior To Death

Occasionally, after someone close to you has passed away, you might discover that they have transferred some of their assets to someone else prior to their death. Sometimes they will have had good reason for doing this and so there is no cause for concern. However, if the transfer of assets seems out of character for them – and especially if they were elderly or vulnerable – it may help you to speak to a solicitor.

For instance, if you are worried that the person in question was unduly influenced and coerced into transferring over their assets, you may be able to contest the transaction. Also, if you suspect fraud or if the person did not have the capacity to make the decision over what to do with their assets, you may also have a case and so should seek legal advice.

Cases of assets transferred prior to death can often be complicated, especially as it isn’t always clear whether the assets in question were transferred willingly or not. This is why it is so important that you take legal advice so you can find out more about your options and have your solicitor investigate the case to make sure the right steps are taken.

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