Professional negligence claims in Wills

If a Will has been negligently drafted by a solicitor or Will writer, then there may be a professional negligence claim available to those who are adversely affected.

Amongst examples of mistakes which can arise in Will drafting and which can lead to a negligence claim for negligence are:

  • The Will is does not reflect the deceased’s wishes and causes a loss to a beneficiary
  • Poor drafting results in the Will containing clauses which contradict the deceased wishes.
  • The Will was drafted when the testator was without sufficient mental capacity (a legal requirement)
  • The Will was not correctly executed, for example it was not signed in the presence of two witnesses (a legal requirement)
  • The testator died before the Will was correctly executed due to a delay in completing the drafting by the solicitor or Will writer involved

Alternatively a claim for negligence could be brought in regard to a professional executor or administrator of the trust. This could be on the grounds of mishandling the assets i.e. a failure to invest them correctly.

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